We love to do repairs at Precious Metals Sudbury. We can and will repair any piece of jewelry that can be repaired and often work on pieces that other jewelers turn away. From your grandmother's diamond heirloom necklace to those fun costume pieces that you love to wear. When you come in for a repair, you always speak directly to a trained jeweler, and 99% of our jobs are done on site at Precious Metals Sudbury.

We work with gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and costume jewelry.

We work with all gemstones including opals, emeralds, and paste.

Our services include ring sizing, chain repairs, stone setting, polishing, and cleaning. We can replace and match gemstones that have come out of your settings.


Our laser welder allows us to fix pieces without endangering many sensitive stones and costume pieces. We can also use it to repair eyeglasses.

**We do not work on watches or replace watch batteries.

We string pearls and all types of beaded necklaces and bracelets.

-Knotted on silk- $3.50 per inch not including clasp*

-Un-knotted on silk- $2.50 per inch not including clasp

-On wire-$2.25 per inch not including clasp

-On stretch cord- $2.00 per inch.

-Additional $1.75 per inch to clean beads.**


*Price may increase with beads smaller than 3mm and decrease with beads larger than 12mm.

**Not all beads will need to be cleaned, but those that do must be cleaned by hand before stringing.


All prices are calculated on a piece by piece basis. There is no way to determine how much labor or material will be needed for a repair without a thorough inspection by the goldsmith. We do not give firm estimates before visually inspecting the piece, but will be happy to consult via E-Mail, phone, or online (Facetime or Whatsapp).

 By online appointment only till 4/8 due to Covid-19 closure

Text , email or book online

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